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As many people turn away from modern medicine and its promises of pharmaceuticals to heal non-physical problems like depression, fragmentation, loss of energy and other chronic conditions that have no known source, shamanic healing and energy medicine are quickly becoming established as part of the landscape of health care for contemporary life. On some level, we know there is another way.

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Are you dealing with PTSD or trauma?


Do you experience depression? Chronic fatigue?


Do you suffer from mysterious symptoms?

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Have you lost personal power & direction?


Is Western medicine not helping?


Do you have a ‘negative’ house?

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Working with Pat has been one of the most interesting experiences I’ve had in several years of working with many different types of healing practitioners.  I am very pleased to have found her. I was a bit gobsmacked that she picked up at her first intuitive reading, 2 issues who’s physical manifestations I’ve had no end of trouble explaining to other people. The accuracy of perceptions and the way they come through have been amazing.
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“Shamanism is the most ancient spiritual practice known to mankind and is the ‘ancestor’ of all our modern religions. In remote locations where tribal culture is still the way of life, shamans continue to hold the positions of counselor, healer, spiritual guide.


Shamanism is the path of immediate and direct personal contact with Spirit, deeply intuitive, and not subject to definition, censorship, or judgment by others. It does not have attached dogma and hierarchies etc. of modern day organized religion”.