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Shamanism is one of humankinds’ most ancient traditions, pre-dating recorded history and traceable back at least 40,000 years as man’s first spiritual discipline. More…



Heart of the jaguar

Since the calling, the “approach”, and the initiatory experiences began early in the 1970’s, the Ancestors and tutoring spirits have consistently come forward, voluntarily providing specific teachings, personal guidance, and healing.  Pat has ultimately learned the “way of the shaman” the same as other spirit-initiated shaman around the globe from the beginning of time.


To enrich her process, Pat has over the years attained various degrees in:

  • Energy Medicine (Healing Touch, Quantum Touch, Theta Healing, Reiki, Shamanic Reiki);
  • Energy Psychology (EFT – Emotional Freedom Techniques);
  • Dreamwork Analysis; and
  • Psychic Studies.


Pat is a Matrix Energetics Certified Practitioner, and has recently studied with Sandra Ingerman, author of Soul Retrieval and Medicine for the Earth.


Pat now brings these teaching to you in a variety of settings:

  • Private session: a synthesis of shamanic healing, energy medicine, energy psychology and matrix energetics, tailored to the individual;
  • Intuitive readings: including energy diagnostics and divination work to procure specific information;
  • Drum Circles: experiential and transpersonal events for those already working in the healing arts, and for those wanting to step into it;
  • Workshops – shamanic studies and ceremonies within the Sacred Wheel.


The following is a list of studies and certifications:

  • Transcendental Meditation 1974
  • Psychic Studies –1976/78 Andrew Schneider
  • Dream work and analysis
  • Healing Touch III – Healing Touch Canada
  • Melchizedek Method Levels 1 to 5
  • Reiki III and Shamanic Reiki
  • Psycho-pomp (crossing over the dead)
  • Healing haunted houses. Visit my website [www.ghostbusting.ca]
  • Theta Healing: DNA Activation and Core Belief Reprogramming 2004 with Vianna Stibals
  • EFT Emotional Freedom Techniques Advanced Cert 2008 – Gary Craig
  • Touch for Health I
  • Quantum Touch II
  • The Work of Byron Katie
  • Pipe Carrier – Grandmother Pipe for prayer and healing
  • Matrix Energetics Certified Practitioner [ www.matrixenergetics.com]
  • Pat is a member of the Foundation for Shamanic Studies [www.shamanism.org]

Over the years Pat has published several articles on shamanic healing, shape-shifting and various other related experiences.

Working Internationally, she has clients in Canada, the United States, South America and Europe.

Pat Bellamy

Pat Bellamy


Matrix Energetics



I would love to make a plan for us. The following is an outline of how I generally work.

Our first appointment will include a 30 minute phone consultation at an arranged time before our first session. The phone consultation will consist of: an intuitive reading; a chakra/energy field scan, and interpretive report; divination work; any remedial action that comes through for you while we are on the phone. I will record this and email it to you.

Our phone call together, will establish a window into our session work; and you will have formulated your personal intention should you choose to proceed. Establishing an intention is important because what takes place during a session, will be in response to this.


Establishing an intention is important because what takes place during a session, will be in response to this. Intention is the essential and pivotal element that drives a session. Additionally, throughout our initial conversation I will receive information and tools on your behalf, and an outline of how we will proceed together. With all this work done in advance, we are ready to go to work at the first session.


With focus on what is established above, our session will prove to be a combination of the following:


  • Shamanic healing and transformation: extraction work (removal of: spiritual intrusion; stagnant energy; energy blocks; all that I am shown that is not yours, does not belong, and does not serve you); personal power restoration; soul retrieval; power animal retrieval.
  • Matrix Energetics – working at quantum source level to bring about immediate shifts.
  • Energy Medicine: Healing Touch, Shamanic Reiki, Quantum Touch, Theta Healing.
  • Energy Psychology: Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT).
  • Recovery from trauma (spiritual, emotional, mental)
  • Auric field repair; deleterious chord clearing/removal.
  • Chakra analysis, re-balancing, repair, re-fueling
  • Bio-energetics: to address the spiritual identity of illness to achieve transformation in the physical
  • Intuitive counselling; divination journey to procure specific information
  • Shamanic transfiguration – a full-body infusion of Creator Light to the cellular level. This process is extremely transformative and restorative.
  • A second important session is normally requested by clients to assist with the integration of all that has taken place; most especially for those experiencing soul retrieval work.
  • HeartMath techniquesShamanic Healing
  • Removal of entities, ghosts, curses – usually done remotely
  • House and property clearing – done remotely

A comprehensive session will generally last from 1 to 2 hours. We are able to provide most of this work long-distance if preferred and I will provide a recording of the session for you. Property clearing and de-possession work are almost always done remotely.

Currently I work from my home office Thursday and Friday each week.


If this information has resonance for you and you would like to proceed, I will be happy to make a plan for us.
I look forward to hearing from you.


Raven_WomanThe word shaman comes from the Tungus people of Siberia, meaning ‘one who sees in the dark’.  With esoteric knowledge and uncommon spiritual ability, the shaman is one who mediates between the visible world of form and matter and the invisible world of energy and spirits.  For the shaman there is no supernatural world – only the natural world exists, with its visible and invisible realms.  Like 2 halves of the whole, there is the world of things seen, and the world of things hidden.  It is to the hidden world where the shamanic practitioner journeys to obtain information and power for their client.

The distinguishing feature of shamanic versus other healing or spiritual practices is that the shamanic practitioner does their main work in this hidden world, working as an intermediary between the human and the spirit worlds.  With the direct experience that all of creation (including illness – physical, mental, emotional or spiritual) is alive and has spirit and voice, the shamanic practitioner moves to that realm to communicate with the spiritual essence of whatever is the focus or challenge at hand.


Shamanism is one of humankinds’ most ancient traditions, pre-dating recorded history and traceable back at least 40,000 years as man’s first spiritual discipline.  Archeological findings provide evidence that shamans existed on every continent, including ancient Ice Age Europe.  Separated by land and water, and without means of communication or even the awareness of the existence of other shamanic cultures, we find that essentially the same healing methods, sacred tools and ceremonial approaches were used by shamans to restore balance to their communities.  Becoming a modern  day shamanic healer is not the result of a career choice; it is the result of a calling.   And as in ancient times, the practices and procedures are learned by direct interaction with teachers of a non- ordinary realm who have sought out the apprentice.

Shamanism is not a religion or a philosophy.  Unlike a religion that is based upon a belief in the words of another, it is an absolute known, based upon direct personal experience and revelation.  The shaman’s practice of direct revelation is the predecessor of all our religious and philosophical traditions, both ancient and modern.   To quote Michael Harner, renowned author of The Way of the Shaman; “a shaman is a man or woman who enters an altered state of consciousness at will to contact and utilize an ordinarily hidden reality in order to acquire knowledge, power, and to help other persons.  The shaman has at least one, and usually many, ‘spirits’ in his personal service”. 


Using what might be called a technology of transcendence, the unique process of shamanic journey, the shamanic practitioner moves into an expanded state of consciousness and awareness to transpersonal worlds which are beyond the usual limits of ego and personality.  While journeying to this unseen world, the shaman has access to her tutelary helping spirits who provide the wisdom of the universe contained in this spiritual realm.  The shamanic practitioner works on behalf of the client in a systematic, ritualized fashion to access consistently authentic information, instruction and assistance.  It is a path of direct revelation in response to the intention set by and for the one seeking assistance.  For example, with intention set, the journey will direct the shamanic practitioner to the spirit of person, place or thing such as:  the client’s walled up inner child; a part of the client that is stranded in another time or place; the client’s home and property; the client’s business; the client’s illness, the client’s relative, alive or deceased.


AstarteShamanic Healing

Shamanism is founded on the non-hierarchical view that all life has consciousness. Communication and interaction with the intelligence that infuses all life empowers the shaman to transmute dis-ease and harmonize imbalance. It is not the shamanic healer, but their spiritual connection that has the power. The cultivation of powerful, compelling, and intense relationship with their helping spirits is paramount to secure protection as well as knowledge and means to do the work. Shamanic practitioners are intermediaries, accessing the spirit world on behalf of others, themselves, future and past generations, and the earth. Those who participate in shamanic healing session of find results are instant, permanent, and life-changing.


The life expression system that enables the individuated spirit within the life form to express itself at conscious and unconscious levels. It might be described as the data bank that holds all our experiences and memories from all lifetimes. Soul is not a religious term in this context because shamanism is not a religion.

Soul Loss (called personality fragmentation by psychology profession)
Soul loss is our brilliant built-in survival mechanism to help us cope with trauma, whether the trauma is physical, mental, emotional or otherwise. The trauma may be a singular occurrence such as a car accident, abuse of any kind, an operation, a divorce. Or it may be a repeated occurrence over time such as mental & emotional degradation experienced in childhood. Trauma can be something as minor as being accidentally locked in a dark closet for a half hour as a child. The intense fear experienced in those few minutes caused soul loss for that child.

When we experience the trauma, part of our soul splits off, becoming stuck in a non-ordinary reality (the action of fragmenting). This occurs so that the trauma is not experienced by our whole being, which would be too overwhelming for us to endure. In a perfect world, once the trauma was over, the soul part, unaffected by the trauma, would find its way back, thus returning us to full power and able to deal then with the situation. We are in a world that is far from perfect however, so the occurrences of spontaneous soul retrieval are few.


The obvious effects of soul loss is the observable and noticeable lack of personal power and essence. The not-so-obvious affects are a loss of personality traits and expression, talents, memories, interests. Complete soul loss results in coma. The following is a list of common symptoms of soul loss: Fear. Anger. Addiction / co-dependency. Depression. Feeling stuck. Gaps in memory.Inability to focus. Feeling ‘spaced-out’ and not totally present. Feeling of emptiness / or of being weighed down. Over-sensitivity. Loss of ability or enthusiasm to do something we once enjoyed. Driven to achieve. Feeling fragmented or scattered. Inability to feel or share emotions. Chronic misfortune or accidents. Inability to recover from grief or shock. ‘Observing’ life rather than taking part in it. Vacant eyes and expression (a very observable symptom).

Soul Retrieval & Power Retrieval: Mending the fragmented self.  

The process whereby the shamanic healer journeys to non-ordinary reality to retrieve lost soul parts and essence from current or other lifetimes.  What is retrieved fills the “void” created by the trauma and resulting fragmentation.  Directed by spirit, the shaman will retrieve the soul parts that will most benefit the client around their intention for healing at that time.  Very often this process will be repeated over time as it is best to offer returned soul parts a period of integration.  I have found that in 2011, many clients, females especially, have a tremendous amount of soul parts and groupings of soul parts returned in a single session.  Timing seems crucial in these current days of change and many of us are ready to do this work at this time.  

The benefits of soul retrieval are many and varied.  Firstly our life is enhanced immediately because there is now more of us present!  We are suddenly looking through eyes with an enhanced filter.  We are stronger in so many ways! Our physical/mental/emotional health may have a sudden upswing because returning soul parts have not been harmed by the trauma that caused their ejection from our life.  We are empowered by our own healthy life force and expression.  We are topped up with more of that which we came in with!

Also very important is that with spiritual “voids” now filled, we are better able to prevent the “taking on” of that which is not ours (i.e. disease, personalities, negative energy, entities, dark forces, parasitic substance, etc). The effects of soul retrieval are as individual as we are. In this stress-filled world of ours, there is no one who cannot benefit from soul retrieval.

Spiritual Intrusions

Shamans work as the mediator between the human and spiritual realm and therefore act on behalf of their client in this spiritual realm where all life has its source. Every physical or psycho-emotional ailment has a corresponding imbalance in the spiritual world. All ailments therefore first appear in the energetic realms. These imbalances restrict our life force, impact everything we do, and if not addressed can eventually manifest as symptoms or dis-ease in our body.

One problem that first appears energetically , affecting our healthy engagement with life and eventually manifesting in our bodies, is called intrusion. Typically shamanic practitioners view intrusions as energies directed to us by malevolent, alien, or unconscious life forces. On behalf of our client, we work with the helping spirits to remove or transmute intrusions.

Examples of intrusions:

  • An object imbedded in us from a wound in a past life;
  • Disassociated emotion, thoughts or feelings that have continuously recurred over the course of our life, have now grown and taken on tangible form, life and consciousness of their own.
  • The same above, but the source has been instilled within us from another. Say we were often berated and abused by our caregiver – enter continual intrusion. Over time the intrusion takes on a life of its own and becomes a parasite within us seeking to be fed by our acting out the same abuse on another.
    Father beats son; son takes on the instrusion/parasite; child helplessles continues abusive trait of father; propagation of parasitic intrusion that now has a life of its own.

Extraction Work

The systematic removal of that which does not belong to us or is detrimental to our being. The removal of: energetic blocks stuffed within us by ourselves or forced upon us by another; spiritual parasites and intrusions; negative forces; discarnate entities (see psycho-pomp/ghostbusting). The voids created by soul loss are inescapably filled with energetic substance – either yours or another’s. There are no empty spaces in our world so we are therefore automatically vulnerable to taking on all manner of intrusion such as the pain, anger, confusion of another person; violent behavior that is passed from father to son like a parasite; or simply negatively charged words.


Negative thoughts and words for example, are energetic substance which do not simply dissipate once expressed – the stuff you feel sometimes when you walk into a room or a busy mall. Words imbued with hostile emotion intentionally directed towards another become like poisonous darts cutting through our protective energy field to embed within us. (Having voids makes this a certainty) These words are now a life force with consciousness within us that will use our own vitality to survive. It is a silent spiritual parasite that can become strong enough to have more power and will to live in our body than we do! I have worked with clients who were immobilized with chronic illness such as depression or chronic fatigue as a result of such parasitic invasion. In tribal times this deliberate action was called psychic vampirism or spiritual warfare. In modern times we can see and hear examples of this taking place all around us.


Typically the shamanic practitioner will journey within the client to be shown what needs to be removed, and often dialogue with the spirit of the substance to be removed or receive a story of why it is there. Extraction works hand in hand with soul retrieval. It is another practice crucial for our times.

Core Star Illumination

This process was in fact one of my initiatory experiences while in my 20’s. Very briefly, when I was experiencing a particularly rough spot in my life, feeling as though I was slipping away, I sought the refuge of an isolated cabin in the woods. While lying in my sleeping bag in absolute and total darkness, a spark of light ignited in my chest. I watched as this spark began to radiate itself outward, expanding slowly, methodically, and with an innate intelligent purpose.


This golden/white light continued to radiate and expand until the inside of my entire body was filled with this gentle but powerful light. Every space and place; every cell and atom, illuminated. Every thought, belief, attachment, known and unknown, from the beginning of time, vanished as I transformed into light. And for those moments, it felt as if I was no longer this person in a physical body. I was in this void. And I was only light.


There was a part of me that knew how extremely important this experience was. And I am forever grateful to have received this gift, and teaching.
I now use a version of this teaching with my clients to provide a deep transformative healing at the cellular level.

Psycho-Pomp A conductor of souls

The term originates from the Greek words pompos (conductor or guide) and psyche (breath, life, soul, or mind).
Because we work in the spirit realm, we are able to detect and converse with those who have passed on but who have not moved on to their next stage of evolution. Often times the discarnate spirit does not know it is dead. Discarnates often become attached to a living person.
Either way because we in this experience we become compelled to assist the discarnate to cross over, more often than not, freeing the human host from all manner of challenges caused by this spirit attachment. See my website www.ghostbusting.ca.

The application of shamanic healing is endless because from a shamanic perspective,
all illness has a spiritual identity.