​Energy Medicine

Shamanic healers transmute and move energy in the invisible world to affect change in the visible world.


All of creation is vibratory force. Energy is the projection of a vibratory force.
Shamanically speaking, medicine means power, healing, and knowledge. Our medicine is therefore to work as mediator between that which is the projecting force of deleterious energy in the spirit realm (nonphysical realm), and the recipient being affected by it.


Shamanic practitioners take responsibility for all energy they “move”. With the underlying premise that all of creation is alive and has spirit and voice, we do not, for example, draw off a harmful or negative energetic force and drop it into the ethers to be picked up by another. We work with it to affect transmutation, or we take it back to Source where it is transformed to useable life-force energy.


There are many energy-based modalities currently offered to create positive change to the human condition, whether self-inflicted and otherwise. Shamanic healers have performed energy medicine for at least the past 40,000 years. These processes are not new.

The Power of Energy Medicine:
* Reparation of : energy leaks, luminous chords, energetic template, hara, etc
* Removal of: energy blocks, spiritual intrusion, deleterious chords
* Restoration of: lost energy, personal power
* Relief from: stress, anger, unknown fear, depression, mysterious illness
* Removal of: ties, chords and all that binds us to past, present and future events, or people
* Transmutation and/or removal of trauma frozen in our cells
* Removal of ancestral beliefs that do not belong
* Core Star Illumination – a deep healing of infused LIGHT that promotes transformation
at the cellular level
* Chakra clearing and re-alignment
* Deliterious chord removal
* DNA Activation
* Synthesis of: Healing Touch, Quantum Touch and Theta Healing
* Matrix Energetics – working in The Field of pure potential at source level [matrixenergetics.com]
* Meridian Tapping – EFT Emotional Freedom Technique [EFT Video]

As many people turn away from modern medicine and its promises of pharmaceuticals to heal non-physical problems like depression and chronic fatigue, shamanic healing and energy medicine are quickly becoming established as part of the landscape of health care for contemporary life. On some level, we know there is another way.
“Before our session I was told my severe abdominal pain was un-diagnosable and untreatable. Since our session the pain has vanished and has not returned. The work we did together was fantastic, best results I have ever had.”
SG BC Canada