Shamanic Healing

Calling the alliesShamanism is a unique and ancient doorway into the human experience.


A shaman is a mediator between the spiritual and physical worlds, and as such, do most of their work in the spiritual realm. A shaman recognizes that All that is, is alive and has spirit and voice, and therefore works with the spiritual aspect of all things.


Current day shamanic healers draw on the power of the Ancestors; on the power of all those who have gone before us since the beginning of time. We work with these Ancient Ones while incorporating the riches and knowledge of our own time, to bring energy and powerful healing to a contemporary world.


We use time-proven methods to heal our modern world.


Results of shamanic healing are instant, life-changing, and permanent.

The following is a list of some of the processes generally provided by contemporary shamanic practitioner.

  • Soul retrieval, restoration and integration
  • Power / energy retrieval and restoration
  • Recovery from Depression
  • Recovery from Chronic Fatigue
  • Recovery from Trauma and PTSD
  • Chord cutting / repair
  • Spirit releasement; Depossesion
  • Removal of entities, ghosts, discarnates, curses
  • Extraction of spiritual intrusions, energy blocks
  • Shamanic counseling
  • Shamanic divination
  • Core Star Illumination for deep healing & clearing
  • Clear your home to restore joy
  • Real estate services to promote sale for hard sell property
  • Healing haunted houses
  • Ghost removal – personal dwelling, commercial building, business Psycho-pomp (conductor of souls), crossing over the dead
  • Ceremony /Creating sacred space
  • Dream analysis and interpretation
  • Ancestral healing
  • Corporate shamanism
    • Clear your office to improve your business​
    • Restore lost Power to your business
The application of shamanic healing is endless because from a shamanic perspective,
all illness has a spiritual identity.
“I have been literally bed ridden for the past 5 years since I’ve had this chronic fatigue syndrome. Following my shamanic healing with you I went for a walk the next day – something I have not done in 5 years!! Then I went home and made stew for super! I have not cooked a meal like that for a long long time! You cannot believe how good I feel. No other form of healing has comes close to this work! Thank you so very much.” SC BC Canada